The Expedition 


How do I begin to tell you, dear reader, of this wild and epic motorcycle adventure, the Travessilla Expedition?…There is so much to tell and so little space, we could already nearly write a book just about the preparation and planning….and we have not even left yet!  Maybe starting somewhere near the beginning would be best, but in a very condensed version.


My wife and I have always wanted to make a positive impact on and for people….especially kids.  Not that we haven’t already…..her as a care coordinator and me as a doctor……but we wanted to make a bigger difference in more lives than merely waiting for people to show up for an appointment at our office. We want to……well let’s just say we want to expand the scope of our patient outreach.  So after a couple of false starts and then much, much thought, we decided that this expedition would be the best way to accomplish that goal.  Here is what we will do while traveling through 86 countries:


     1.)  A documentary video will be made of the entire expedition 

     2.)  We will volunteer at orphanages and refugee camps in each country treating children who have dysentery

     3.)  By including the orphanages and refugee camps in the documentary video, and what we are able to accomplish there, we will                 dramatically raise public awareness of the plight of third world refugees.  People must learn of the suffering or nothing will ever               change.



Very much un-like most real long motorcycle expeditions, we will not  be supported by chase vehicles.  With the exception of some re-supply items that we will pre-position at several points on our route (new motorcycle tires and spare parts, new clothes, a spare tent in case ours is destroyed by a bear in Russia, spare (read clean) sleeping bags, additional medical supplies, and etc) we will be completely on our own….just two people on two motorcycles.  We will live in a small tent, sleep on the ground with a thin pad and a sleeping bag, eat what we can purchase at local markets and some freeze dried food, cooking on a single burner stove.  We will swat mosquitoes, sweat, shiver, get motorcycles stuck and un-stuck, ford streams, bathe in cold rivers, travel in the pouring rain and the hot sun, be very cold, wet, and tired and then very hot, thirsty, and exhausted.  We will see the unimaginable suffering of children in refugee camps.  There will be moments when we wonder “What on earth are we doing here?  We could be warm, dry and well rested at home.”  At other times we will be completely elated from being able to save the life of a child with dysentery. The rewards will far outweigh the hardships! In other words this will often times be a very grueling trip and extremely rewarding at the same time.  Very grueling and extremely rewarding at the same time……does that make sense to you?  I sure hope so, because I don’t know how else to explain it.




Our departure date is 15 July 2016



Follow Us


Using GPS tracking devices on our motorcycles, you will be able to follow our progress in near real time .  Depending on the security situation in some countries, we may have to occasionally turn off our tracking devices.  Click the link below and enter your password:



Join Us


If you would like to travel with us for any part of this epic expedition, riding your motorcycle or driving your 4x4 vehicle, please contact us.  We would be happy to discuss the possibilities of you joining the expedition.



The Route


Click directly on the map below to access an interactive map.  You will be able to zoom in on our route. After opening the interactive map, in the lower right corneryou will be able to change the type of map you want to view the route in.  


                     (Depending on the ever changing geo-political conditions we could be forced to use some alternate routes)




Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure, or nothing.”~~Helen Keller, The Open Door

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