Do You Have What It Takes To Be An Adventure Bike Rider?

People often ask us what it is like riding around the world on an adventure bike, having sold nearly everything to make this humanitarian expedition. So we have compiled a list of what it takes to be an adventure bike rider (ADV Rider) on extended trips. Some of it you will find funny because it is, and some of you might find parts of it a bit disgusting……

  • You are in a local market or grocery store to buy some food and you are looking at the photos on the packages and cans to try to get some kind of a vague idea of what you are about to buy because you can’t read the local language

  • You have been riding in wet gloves for the past 30 days straight because there is no way to dry them in the constant drizzle to torrential downpour of rain

  • Your hands have gotten so cold that you wondered if you were going to be able to pull in the clutch to stop

  • Onetime you made the mistake of opening your cloths bag inside the tent

  • Now you only open your cloths bag outside of the tent when you are on the upwind side of the bag

  • You pull up to a stop light in a major city (Paris for example) and someone on a motor scooter stops right beside you. The rider stares at you and your bike with a great deal of intent and with a look of complete astonishment on their face. The light turns green and you ride off while the scooter rider is still setting there in complete disbelief…hopefully from the sight of a small mountain of stuff strapped to your bike (and the Alaska license plate) rather than a problem with smell

  • You use about 10,000 times more foot powder than anyone you have ever known or heard of before you became an ADV Rider

  • When someone asks where you are from, and you tell them Alaska, they don’t believe you until you show them your license plate

  • When people look at your license plate they ask, are you really from Alaska?

  • When you leave your bike parked on the street and you come back to it, you find people taking pictures of your license plate

  • You have dug through your cloths bag looking for you cleanest pair of dirty underwear and socks

  • You have smelled the socks in your cloths bag to see if they are clean

  • You only used the smell test on the underwear in your cloths bag one time

  • You have to wear a head lamp in the hall of your chosen “motel” because the lights don’t work and there are no windows

  • You have to remember to put your room key in the slot inside your door in order for the lights to come on in your room

  • You don’t think twice about your recently washed underwear flying on the back of your bike to get dry. (Just try to imagine where and how they were washed)

  • On a dark and rainy night you have wound up in what was labeled the bus lane, only to find out that it was a train track with a cement slab between the rails and have to jump the “curb” to get back in the road…..Don’t ask!!

  • You have rode the wrong way down a one way street because you did not understand the “one way do not enter” sign

  • You have taken a wrong turn down a one way street (going the right way) and turned around to ride back to the intersection to keep from getting lost

  • It the dark of the night you do a search on your GPS to find the nearest campground (or on the very rare occasion a hotel) and follow the map and directions only to be lead to an abandoned town

  • After 30 days of being soaking wet, cold and miserable you foot the extra money for a hotel room to dry everything out.

  • Navigating through your (on rare occasions) TINY rented hotel room is a challenge at best because it looks like a combination between and outdoor camping store (like REI) and an adventure bike goodies store because you have EVERYTHING (including the tent) hanging up to dry

  • You don’t ever remember a shower every having felt so good

  • IF through all of this, and much more, you can still get out of your sleeping bag and up off your sleeping pad on the ground in the morning, pull on some dirty, smelly damp cloths, crawl out of your tent into the 25th day of rain, load everything back up on your bike, smile at the whole thing and ride towards what you hope is better weather….then you are an Adventure Bike Rider~!!!! Care to join us? Go to our contact page and send us an email.

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