Any thinking person that pays REAL attention to what is going on in their city, county, state, their nation, and around the world (and I do not mean a casual look at the evening news) must be concerned about what could happen in the near future………and in long term.

Take a look at the social-economic situation in the USA…..there are riots in the streets over black people that are sometimes shot by white police officers; There are mob riots over Black Friday shopping and people have been trampled to death by mobs of people trying to get a good buy on some trinket, TV set or some other junk that they can very easily live without. Their greed outweighs their value of human life!!!! (My GOD, what has happened to us?) There are demonstrations over the presidential election that are turning violent; gang shooting over some inane thing such as “this is our city block, not yours”, and the list goes on and on.

And then take a hard look at the world geo-political situation……The USA is in a seemingly never ending wars with names like “the war on terror” the war on drugs”, “the war on poverty” etc. Just who is winning these wars anyway?

Then there is some extremely serious saber rattling between the USA and Russia over the Syrian war and NATO placing troops on the Russian border. And now that seems to be ramping up on a near daily basis. There is now talk from both sides of an armed conflict and the word nuclear is being tossed around!!!

Between the USA and Iran with Iran making all kinds of threats against the USA.

Between North Korea and the USA, with North Korea having developed and currently testing nuclear weapons, and threatening to wipe out the US!

And between the USA and China over some islands that China built in the South China Sea with both sides making veiled and outright threats at each other.

The war in Afghanistan continues.

Now the USA is back in Iraq to some extent.

And this list also goes on and on and on.

Where is the world headed? Will there be a WWIII? Will it be nuclear? WWII certainly was nuclear to a limited extent! Anyone that says that a nuclear WWIII could never happen is delusional at best.

So why am I bringing all of this up? Because as I type this on my laptop I am setting under a full moon on the bluffs overlooking Omaha Beach in France. The very same bluffs where Hitler’s Nazi army was dug in on D Day. You remember hearing of Omaha Beach and D Day don’t you?

(Oddly enough it was also under full moon that D Day was launched)

It was 6 June 1944. WWII was in full swing and the USA was heavily involved, the leader of the Allied forces in the war. France was occupied by the Nazi’s…..under the absolute total control of Adolf Hitler, as he continued to conquer all of Europe. The USA and Great Britain (and a few other allies) decided that Hitler needed to be stopped or the Nazi’s would rule the world. So the Allies invaded occupied France at Normandy, led by the US Army’s 1st Division. And Omaha Beach is where the heaviest fighting took place. In the course of less than one day over 9,000 American soldiers lost their lives to free France from the oppression of Hitler’s Nazi Germany. 9,000 American Soldiers killed in a few hours….a truly staggering statistic in the very least!!! It is really difficult for Lana and I to wrap our heads around those numbers! But the Allies won and pushed the Nazi’s out of France… At the end of the war the Allies, led by the USA, had won a decisive victory.

As Lana and visited the Omaha Beach Memorial today we found ourselves unable to express our feelings to each other in any adequate way….we found ourselves without words to speak

It is now well after dark as I hunt and peck with a flashlight on my laptop…….. and I find myself struggling here to type anything even remotely similar to how I feel. To say that this is a sobering experience is a gross understatement.

Tomorrow we will visit the Normandy Memorial Cemetery where all of the U.S Service Men are buried……………..

We did……………….and I don’t even know what to type here. I struggle to come up with words to tell you how it made me feel. And Lana was also very heavily moved by the whole experience, and still is.

We spent about four and a half or five hours there, touring the visitors center, the memorial and the cemetery. I took a great deal of pictures, some of them you see here. Several times I thought that the auto focus in my Nikon was not working properly, as everything in the view finder was blurry………..only to discover that it was caused by the tears in my eyes. To say that this was an emotionally charged day would not give the feelings we had justice. It was not as much for the horrendous loss of life but more for the sacrifice all of these men made……..making the ultimate sacrifice to give your life to save another….. to liberate people that they didn’t even know…people from a nation that the vast majority of these soldiers would never even visit under any other circumstances. Before this all started some of these young men would have had difficulty finding France on a map…and some of them probably had never heard of France before the war started.

Inside the visitors center, towards the end of it, there is this haunting, recorded voice the continually says the names of all those killed there.

Above is a quote carved into the wall of the visitors center

Above, Chapel At The American Cemetery. Below, Inscription & Scenes In The Chapel

These were young men…some of them mere kids…at least one was only 15 years old, who lied to join the Army. Over 9,000 gave up their lives and all that it might have held….who among them would have become a doctor and saved people’s lives or came up with a cure for a disease? Who among them would have been the next Albert Einstein, the next “Mother Teresa” or the next __________(fill in the blank). And they gave their lives to save a nation from tyranny and people from slavery or worse. But that is the way of war isn’t it? All wars.

Above is the Memorial, below are photos of the Cemetery

There were many hundreds of people there today, many with flowers to put on the graves of loved ones and friends. It was a somber moment for everyone. There were people openly weeping and many a wet eye could be found. There was no laughter and loud banter going on…….it was a quiet and somber time. Many visiting the cemetery would stop and set on a bench for awhile, like I did, just trying to get their act together.

If you have never had any plans to go to France, then you really should make some and go….just to visit Normandy if nothing else. I promise you it will give you a different perspective on life…not only human life as a whole but on your life as well.

Will there be another world war, a World War III? GOD only knows…but it is beginning to look like that is where we are headed. With today’s technology a WWIII would no doubt be far, far worse in the number of casualties and the total destruction…..of most certainly entire cities, and very possibly entire countries. It is truly a frightening thought, isn’t it?

EVERYONE needs to get on their knees before the GOD of the Bible and pray, not just for your nation but for the entire world. The lunacy must stop and more level heads must prevail….before it is too late!!!

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