Change of Plans

As you may or may not have been able to figure out by now from reading our blog, we have made a change in our travel plans. We were first going to travel through Mexico, central and South America and then ship the bikes out of Argentina or Brazil to Europe and then head for Africa.

We have canceled this leg of our journey and instead we are headed to Toronto (Canada) where we have reservations to fly us and our bikes to Paris. From Paris we will ride to Spain and cross the Strait of Gibraltar to Morocco. From Morocco we will ride south along the Atlantic coast of Africa.

This decision was based on two things:

  1. Cost. It is very expensive to ship our bikes across the Darien Gap from Panama to Columbia and it is far more expensive than that to ship our bikes from Argentina or Brazil to Europe. Our budget will just not sustain that expense. It is far less expensive to fly us and our bikes from Toronto to Paris than it is to fly them from Panama to Columbia! Air Canada has their Fly Your Bike program. The total cost is $1,338 Canadian ($2,676 total) for one bike and one rider from Toronto to Paris. With the 27% exchange rate it is even less expensive……$977 for a bike and rider (a total of $1,954 for both of us and both bikes). And we are on the same plane as our bikes! Here is the phone number for the air cargo portion: 1-800-387-4865. Web site: If you are planning to ship your bike to the EU this is the least expensive way that we have found to do it. There is one catch…..Air Canada only offers the Fly Your Bike during the summer months and the last day of September is the last Fly Your Bike flight for this year. Air Canada also offers shipping from other Canadian cites to other locations in the EU. Check it out.

  2. The dysentery problem is far worse in Africa than it is in South America

So……………to the people that we talked to about trying to hook up with somewhere in South America….we apologize!! Maybe you can join us somewhere in Africa.

Please see our updated interactive map here:

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