From Idaho to Colorado


I forgot to mention this. I was in need of a massage and found a lady that is the best medical message therapist that I have ever been to bar none. Debbie Morblo. 535 North Ave. Grand Junction, Co. 907-261-6953.

Tim and Sherry prayed for us and we bid them a fond farewell and rode towards Utah and then on to the Western Slope of Colorado, where Lana was born and raised. We took Hwy 20 east through some beautiful farming country. We have never seen so much hay in stacks!!! Hundreds of square miles of hay and pasture land. The area was called the Camas Prairie, (not to be confused with the Camas Prairie at Grangeville, Idaho) and it went on for many, many miles. There was hay stacked up by the thousands of tons, round bales, large square bales, and some small square bales….in grass, alfalfa, and wheat straw. There were many semi trucks hauling hay out of the stacks from barns, covered stacks in the fields and right out of the field.

The country was beautiful indeed, but oh my……how the wind was blowing!!! And of course at every corner in the road it would come at us from a different direction. We were in the hard blowing wind from Mountain Home, Idaho, all the way across Utah to the Colorado border.…..about 375 miles of the 426 miles we rode that day. I estimated the wind was blowing at approximately 35-40 MPH and gusting to 50 MPH.

We rode past the Carters Of The Moon National Park. What interesting landscape. The following three photos are of the lava beds. They were taken in color but it is a grey area:

We had called Klim in Rigby Idaho, one of our sponsors. We wanted to stop by and say hello and tour their facilities. I got in touch with Mark Kincart, our go to guy. He was on his cell phone at an event in Colorado and would not be back for a few days. He was going to be going through Grand Junction, CO on Sunday and we agreed to meet him there. We also planned on stopping to see John Summer at the KLIM office in Rigby Idaho…but we got in too late, they were closed. Our sincerest apologies John.

We rode on towards Colorado, finding a campground at a little spot in Utah called Desert Oasis.

We got in just at dark, at a meal at the local restaurant, gassed up the bikes, and pitched our tent.

The last 50 miles we were riding in the dark. The stock headlights on a KLR are kind of pathetic. How I missed the two sets of driving lights on my BMW, one set of PIAA’s and a set of LightForce!! They would really light up the road. I had installed a much brighter headlight bulb in Lana’s KLR before we left Alaska.

About 50 miles out of Grand Junction we could see some very dark clouds on the horizon and it looked like we were going to get real wet, and very soon. The lightning was blasting away and the sight was beautiful. The country side was dry as an old bone and I am sure that there were some wild fires started as a result of the lightning we saw.

Even though we could see torrential down pours of rain coming down all around us, we only found a few areas of wet pavement, and we were never hit by even one drop of rain!! GOD is so good to us!!

After 426 miles of riding that day, it felt good to get off the bikes when we when we got to Grand Junction. Lana’s mom and our second youngest daughter had a very delicious hot meal waiting for us and a comfortable bed……..we slept in the next morning.

We spent a week with Lana's Mom helping her out. Lana's Mom is an amazing women indeed.

She does things every day that people half her age can't do once a month! But she takes care of herself, eats healthy, has a positive upbeat attitude about life, and gets lots of exercise. And she continues to do more everyday to further improve her health. Way to go Mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lana's Brother and I did some maintenance on the bikes and added some of the goodies to both bikes that I did not get installed in Boise. Raymond is an outstanding mechanic and can fix anything. He was a terrific help. (Thank you Raymond for the use of your shop and all of your help!!!! We will see you in Africa..........oh yes we will~!! LOL )

Mark Kincart, from KLIM, and his wife stopped to see us in Grand Junction on their way back to Rigby. We met at Raymond's shop where we were working on the KLR's, and had a great visit about our expedition and a lot of other things. Mark and his wife are both very bright and articulate and are a pleasure to visit with. Thank you for taking the time to stop by Mark!!! We greatly appreciate it.

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