Headed South

Today we break camp in Wasilla and head for the Canadian border and points south.......way south.

Our camp site in Wasilla at Summit Worship Center

Lance Rogers rode his trike from Soldotna to Wasilla (200 miles) to ride another 200 miles with us to Glennallen. Thank you Lance!!!

Lance And His Bug Trike at the Matanuska Glacier

We were surprised to have three other guys from CMA show up in Wasilla to see us off: Jon Boone, Andy Romano and Scott Godwin. Jon we had met before, but this is the first time we met Scott and Andy. Had a great visit for a couple of hours as we broke camp, they all said prayers for us, took some pictures and we hit the road. Thanks guys!!

Matanuska Glacier along the Glenn Hwy

About four hours later we arrived at Ric and Barb's house on the Copper River. They have been very close friends for over 40 years. We had a great visit and a wonderful supper (the fresh halibut and beets were incredible Barb, thank you).

The Copper River

Lana on the bluff above the Copper River

We left after breakfast and rode back to Glennallen to hook up with Roger Smith, the president of the Fairbanks chapter of CMA. Roger had rode down from Fairbanks the day before to ride with us 150 miles to Tok where we will part company. The temperature dropped from 80 degrees in Wasilla down to 54 and raining, this proved to be a very chilly ride. And it rained most of the way...thank you Klim for the great rain gear!

Over the course of a lot of years we have traveled extensively in Alaska, by motorcycle, pickup trucks, airplanes, helicopters, ATV, swamp trucks, snowmachines, on foot and horseback, and even dog teams. We have been over all of the road system, and admittedly there are not many miles of roads in Alaska compared to other states. The vast majority of the state, over twice as big as Texas, is road less. However no matter what the weather, sunny and warm, dark and cold, wind and blizzards, pouring rain and fog, there is always beautiful scenery everywhere you go.

Roger turned north at Tok and rode home to Fairbanks, for an additional 200 miles on his odometer today. Thank you for riding with us Roger and for a great visit.

Tomorrow Lana and I are headed for the Canadian border and and points south.

When we had eaten lunch at Fast Eddies in Tok (terrific food and salad bar, like you never see anywhere) Lana and I decided to stay in Tok for the night as I am way behind on some computer work. If I do not get caught up on it then all of you will not be reading much.

It rained most of the night and is raining off and on today, Saturday 23 July . The weather report on our route shows rain for the rest of the week. Such is life at times. Fortunately we never go anywhere without our waterproof skin!

Stay tuned for info and photos of our ride across The Top Of The World Highway

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