On The Road Again

Hello from Wasilla, Alaska,

We are on the road

Lance Rogers from Soldotna rode to Anchorage with us on his trike. He is great to travel with, lots of laughs. He and his wife spent the weekend in Wasilla and attended Summit Worship Center.

We arrived in Wasilla on 16 July and I spoke at the Summit Worship Center on Sunday 17 July, both in the morning and at the evening service, giving everyone an update on our expedition. There was about 200 people there in the morning and less that evening....but both were great crowds and easy to engage because of their interest. Thank you Pastor Milt for allowing me the time.

Over the last two and a half days we mixed, bottled, labeled, safety sealed, and boxed up for shipping, 1,700---2 oz.---bottles of Dysentery Stop. We finished this evening. The pastor of the church that I speak at, and we attend via the web, and in person when we can, is doing all of the logistics for us.......praise GOD!! Without logistics support for a mission like this there would be no mission.

We want to give a special thank you to the Hammonds family for their hard work helping us with the labeling and safety sealing and boxing of the Dysentery Stop. Their daughters, Alexa, Hannah, Gabrielle, and Gracyn were remarkable help. Without their terrific help we would not have been done in time. These kids are extremely bright and they are self starters, truly remarkable for teenagers in today's world. Mark and Vicki have done a great job raising these wonderful kids.

We are riding south tomorrow morning about 10 AM. I will keep you posted as we go along.

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