We Will See You Again Alaska

A few random departure thoughts

It is with mixed emotions we leave Alaska in our rear view mirrors. Alaska has been our home for a number of years and Alaska is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places that GOD created.

How do we feel? Excited, relieved to be on the road, filled with a sense of wonder. But at the same time a bit anxious. And as I typed the word anxious I wondered; what is the real definition of anxious? What does it mean exactly? Is this the right word to describe how we both feel? So I looked it up.



  1. experiencing worry, unease, or nervousness, typically about an imminent event or something with an uncertain outcome.

  2. wanting something very much, typically with a feeling of unease.

Well that is pretty much sums up the feeling we have. I had to smile at this part: “Something with an uncertain outcome”. And the uncertain outcome will not be somewhere between home and the grocery store!! It will oft times be between the edge of nowhere and the middle of nowhere. (The U.S. Marine Corps mantra “improvise, adapt and overcome” will become standard operating procedure.)

We are leaving a nice comfortable home on Cook Inlet, with a spectacular view, that has things like….you know…running water, hot showers, a flush toilet, a refrigerator, and deep freeze that gets filled with Alaska salmon every summer, a comfortable bed and a wood stove for heat. Leave that to live in a small three person tent for the next three to four years. (And I wonder why we have not found people that want to ride along for the entire journey??!!.....LOL!!!)

It is not like we have never done something like this before. We have lived in a tent for as long as three years at a time.

I know that we all have a tendency to get stuck in an all too comfortable lifestyle….and a “comfortable life style” is different for everyone. What is comfortable for many people defines complete misery for others.

Will we be miserable? ….yes, sometimes. Treating little kids with dysentery is not exactly full of laughs and good times….until you save the life of a child then all of that changes.

So we are off on a grand adventure. Care to join us? Drop us an email: travessillaexpedition@gmail.com

Or you can leave us a voice mail at +1-907-567-7486

Depending on where we are in the world it might take us a few weeks to answer your email or return a phone call. Please be patient.

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