Gear From Our Partners Arrive

We recently received some gear from our cooperate sponsors:

The first thing to arrive was our new tent

from Hilleberg, the Keron 3GT (Black Edition). We have used a lot of tents over the years, for short stays of several days to actually living in one for three (3) years. There has been everything from shelters made with what was at hand to big wall tents, and about everything in between. After already trying out our new Hilleberg on two occasions we can tell you that (at least at this stage of our use) it seems to be the finest tent of its size that we have ever had the pleasure of using. The design and workmanship appear to be second to none. We will see how well it holds up after 3-4 years of use. After 1,460 nights of sleeping in it we will be able to give you an accurate assessment. LOL

In the interest of full disclosure Hilleberg did not give us a full sponsorship for this tent, but rather gave us a deep discount in our purchase price. Thank you Hilleberg for you support. We appreciate it.

The next to arrive was from SENA. It was their newest version of the 10 series communication system, the 10s….and what a wonderful communication system it is.

I am always stunned at the clarity of the communication!! Even at highway speeds it sounds like you are standing next to the other rider in a quiet room. There are a few things for us to figure out yet, like listening to the built in FM radio, but we will get there shortly. Nice product SENA, and thanks for your support!!

The next to arrive was our riding gear from Klim. We received, along with a large box other things, the Adventure Rally Air Jacket and Pants for me and the Adventure Rally Air Jacket and Women's Altitude Pants for Lana. The only thing that we can say so far is WOW!! They have worked great in a few short rides totaling about 500 miles.

When it is colder, we add a couple of layers underneath and the Klim rain coat and pants over the top to cut off the very abundant air flow and we are good to go, toasty warm. These coats and pants were obviously introduced to the market after a lot of thought, engineering, and testing. They have super armor, and a built in hydration system and lots of pockets. They are very heavy but extremely comfortable when we are on the bikes. Good job Klim, and thank you for your support!!!

The next thing to arrive was our new solar battery charger and rechargeable tent lantern from SunJack. What robust and innovative products! We are anxious to try them out. Thank you SunJack, for your support in our humanitarian motorcycle expedition!!

As we travel, we will keep all of our readers informed on how everything holds up.

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