Lana’s MSF Class

13 September 2015: Today Lana completed her three day Motorcycle Safety Foundation “Basic Rider Course” held in Anchorage Alaska. She aced (a 100% grade) the written exam. The riding course was held over a four and a half hour period for two consecutive days. The first day of riding the temperature was 47 deg. F. (8 deg C.) and it was in a torrential rain storm that dumped .52 inches (1.3 cm) that day! The last day (the day of the riding test) was sunny and cool at 46 F. (7 C.). Lana passed the riding test with only a five point deduction for riding through a corner going slower than she should have. I am very proud of her and she is thrilled in the very least. “I had a wonderful time, cold, rain, and all. I figured if I learned to ride in less than ideal conditions it would be that much less of a learning curve later. I am extremely excited about logging more miles and even more excited about our Travessilla Expedition. I want to leave now instead of having to wait until next summer!”

Lana receiving coaching during class.

ABATE of Alaska puts on these courses all summer and they do a terrific job. Their instructors are some of the very best. If you already have a motorcycle and think that you know what you are doing, then try their five hour Skills Practice Class. You will find out what you do not know. I did, on my BMW 1150 GS Adventure. We took the written test outside in the dark with flashlights and took the riding test in the dark using only the bikes headlights. Finding the little three inch tall course marker cones using only the bike headlights added a bit more challenge to the riding test. But remember, this is Alaska and we adapt to whatever weather and other conditions are that thrown at us. I highly recommend this course for every motorcycle rider.


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